Common Seaweed of the Atlantic Seaboard 

36 page pamphlet featuring 18 specimens digitally scanned from the original large silver-gelatin prints plus three new original 7x5” prints - Palmaria palmata (dulse), Leathesia difformis (Sea Cauliflower) and Sargassum muticum (wireweed).

The prints are produced directly from the original specimen using a process of projection onto photographic paper in a darkroom.  For this edition of 12 the photographs have been tradtionally hand processed on Ilford Mulitigrade Portfolio RC gloss paper. 

These sets have been released to coincide with the showing in Sea Garden at RAMM, Exeter of Holdfast, produced collaboratively with Mollie Goldstrom. This work features cyanotype photographs produced from the same specimens.

The Atlantic seaboard, networks of information, coastal communities, macroscopic marine algae, continuity, change, survival.

Silver-gelatin prints (12x16”)