William Arnold                                                

Suburban Herbarium -  Pamphlet Edition 

This is a new abridged pamphlet 2nd edition of Suburban Herbarium
*Laser printed - 36 pages - black and white - Cyclus 100% post consumer recycled paper - hand stitched with wax linen thread. 

Suburban Herbarium is a long-term work in progress: Part psychogeographic
dérive, part botanical survey, it is an edgelands homage to Victorian herbaria and protest against plant blindness.

The Herbarium currently contains unique 12x16 inch silver-gelatin prints of over 100 different species of plant growing within the parameters of a lunchbreak walk. 

Conceived as a bookwork from the start, this pamphlet has been assembled to showcase a small selection of those species and to promote the idea of a more substantial book to publishers and critical writers. 

To make my practice sustainable, as I receive no institutional or public funds for this work I am making a number of these pamphlets available for purchase.

A number of these are available with a unique silver-gelatin proof print made at the same time as the main herbarium print. These are the result of exposure tests and are in effect a fragment of the large image - see image with glove. They are beautiful objects in their own right and a decimal point less expensive! 

*In the grand tradition of DIY self-publishing this pamphlet has been produced on a laser copier. Careful consderation has been made to paper stock and assembly to make a very pleasing work but please note this isn’t the same archival quality as a much more expensive litho print.  

Option 1 - pamphlet only including UK postage 
Option 2 - pamphlet plus 7x5” silver-gelatin* proof print including UK postage
Option 3 - pamphlet only including international postage
Option 4 -  pamphlet plus 7x5” silver-gelatin proof print including international postage

*print species is a lucky dip. They are all high quality and unique archival silver-gelatin photographs. They will be signed with species information verso. 

Please allow 14 days for delivery (a little longer overseas)