William Arnold                                                

Dark Spectacle, 2018
Silver-gelatin prints / lepidopteran specimens*
Work produced for Lumen Studios / Grizedale Sculpture Park Project Space ‘In Search of Darkness’ Residency. 

That constant city glow is the bane of the astronomer is well known. So too the common lepidopteran visitations when we leave the light on in a bedroom with the windows wide for a summer breeze. In general, the physiological effects of artificial light on living organisms are perhaps less widely perceived. This work incorporating silver-gelatin prints of the night sky with vintage lepidoptera specimens relevant to the locations seeks to draw attention to the potential ecological impact of light pollution and the importance of preserving dark sky areas.

*The moths in this work are sourced from old Lepidoptera collections where species were matched to those caught and released at Grizedale. No new moths were harmed in the production of this work.

Dark Spectacle from william arnold on Vimeo.